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First review for my new CD Satori The Angel on Something Else by Sammy Stein




It was great to be interviewed by Sebastian Scotney for

Announcing  2 new projects today 14th april 2014 
“Evolution” featuring singer Randolph Matthews starting monday 21st april at Renato D’Aiello’s “Acoustic Jazz Lounge” at Ronnie Scott’s bar
and the Project “Confluences” starting in autumn featuring Amit Chatterjee ( Joe Zawinul, Trilok Gurtu, Alliance ) 

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All About Jazz  interview by Sue Stephens  ( Sammy Stein )


 “Renato is a superlative saxophonist with a passionate and poetic soul. He has all the virtues – a beautiful sense of time and pacing and a technique which effortlessly projects his brilliantly flowing ideas.”
(Ian Carr, Jazz writer) 

“Il nous presente un musicien parvenu a’ la maturite’.Si le musicien n’a rien perdu de sa generosite’, de son lyrisme, son langage a aacquis de l’assurance, et son discours est equilibre’ dans la construction et dans l’usage des differe’rents registres qui fondent sa maniere…”
(Paris, Jazzhot magazine , April 2007)

“D’Aiello’s weighty, behind-the-beat sound shows how a poetic imagination can rekindle a long-gone style without nostalgia …” 
(John Fordham, Friday March 16, 2007 The Guardian, Four stars review)

“…When you hear it on the subtly-simmering ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ you know you’re in the presence of a master improviser.”
(Brian Blain, Jazz UK review, February/March 2007 issue)

“His solos tell a story. Their lines unfold with a natural flow, especially on the ballads ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ and ‘Portrait of Jenny’.”
(Jack Massarick, Evening Standard, 2/2/07. Four stars review)

“Relaxed, unhurried but imbued with intense warmth tinged with poignancy, D’Aiello’s tenor sound thus prioritises the expression of sentiment rather than the demonstration of instrumental facility…” “…He showcases one of the most attractive and affecting tenor sounds in contemporary jazz. Recommended.”
(Chris Parker, Jazz CD review, Vortex, March 2007)

 “…D’Aiello has a highly dramatic manner of playing and a willingness to take risks which can make it seem as if he is overstretching himself; thus when he launched into Ellington’s In a Sentimental Mood in the second set he placed himself on the critical block. The result was a breathtaking performance in which he displayed a stunning range of expression, infallible control over the instrument and a true feeling for the melody itself. He is a restless attacking player who uses not only the full, extended, range of the instrument but also a much wider dynamic variety than many other saxophonists. Linked with a technique that allows him to play at scorching speed and accuracy, the result was jazz of outstanding colour and excitement…”
( Paul Medley, The Oxford Times – Live at The Spin in Oxford 8th march 2007)


” Italian saxophonist Renato D’Aiello oozes class. 

When he plays quietly the effect is like hearing 

an old friend kindly giving you some much-needed advice. 

And when he lets rip, he has you rocking in your chair…………..

 ( James Griffith ( Guardian Nottingham ) 

 Bonington Theatre  4 stars review of

Renato D’Aiello 4et featuring Kirk Lightsey