YEAH-29Born in Naples 1959. Renato began to study the saxophone on 1979 at the age of 20, with virtuoso sax player Antonio Andolfi, then with Sal Nistico, Steve Grossman, Tony Scott.

He started his professional career playing with Giovanni Tommaso big band for Pupi Avati’s tv program in 1986/87.
In 1987 he received a full tuition scolarship from Berklee college of Boston.
International tours followed in 1991 with Tony Scott and on 1992 Renato toured Japan with Yoshida Masahiro trio.
In 1993 and 1995 he toured Japan again with same trio.
Tours of Europe with Art Farmer and Rachel Gould in 1996/97.
His composition credits include music for an opera entitled “Seven Red Doors” by writer Oberto Airaudi and several co-productions for IRMA Records as sax player and producer.
In1999 became resident in UK.

He has played with a number of world class musicians in his career, including: 

Art Farmer, Sal Nistico, Steve Grossman, Eddie Duran, Kirk Lightsey, Keith Copeland, Duffy Jackson, Roland Prince, Alain Jean Marie, Spike Robinson, Jim Mullen, Claire Teal, Bruce Forman, Gene Calderazzo, Phil Lee, Sax Appeal, Bruce Adams, Mark Bassey, C.Tracey, D.Green, G. Husband, P. Jacobsen, S. Melling, Gilad Atzmon, P. Robson, John Chritchinson, Patrice Galas.

He performed at major UK venues, including:

The Late Night Show at ROnnie scott, Upstairs at the Ronnie Scott’s Bar, The Royal Festival Hall foyer, Jazz Cafe’, The Vortex, The Barbican foyer, Wigmore Hall, The National Theatre Foyer, Pizza Express Dean street, Pizza Express Maidstone, The Crypt camberwell, The Crypt St.Martin In fields Trafalgar Square, Pizza on the park, Jazz Cafe’ Posk, Primo Bar at Hotel Plaza westminster,Italian Cultural Institute Of London, 606 Club

Bonnington Theatre (Nottingham), Y Theatre (Leicester)

Norwich Art Centre, Norwich Jazz Club, Darlington Art Centre, Band on the wall (Manchester), Hull Jazz Club, Huddersfield Jazz Club, Wakefield Jazz Club, Hawick Jazz club, Links Hotel Montrose (Scotland)

Brighton Jazz Club, The Albert Bristol, Southampton Jazz Club, Pizza Express Maidstone,  Lewes jazz Club, Sherborne Jazz Club, Bridgewater Arts Centre

Southend Jazz Club, The Fleece (Boxford), Peterborough Jazz ClubI

NTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCES 2002 – 2014: In Paris with Alain Jean marie, Hiroshi Murayama, Lionel Boccara, Sandro Zerafa, Guillaume Naud, Patrick Cabon, Laura Littardi, Patrick Saussois, Christelle Pereira, Patrice Galas,Laurent Epstein, Riccardo Del Fra, Bruno Ruder  at the following clubs:

Duc des Lombards, Sunset/Sunside,  Le Petit Opportun, Italian Institute of Culture, Melody Blues, VIP boat, Le Caveau de la Huchette, Autour De Midi, Franc Pinot

2014 : Paris, Italy, Finland, Malta

2013: Norway, Paris, Berlin

2007- 2010: In Berlin at Schlott Jazz Club, A Train Jazz Club, Bflat Jazz Club

2010: In Antigua and recorded with Roland Prince

1996 – 1997: Toured Europe with Art Farmer and Rachel Gould

1992 – 1993: 1995: Toured Japan with the Yoshida Masahiro Trio
1991 – International tours with Tony Scott
1986 – 1987: Performed for an Italian TV program directed by famous film director Pupi Avati
with the Giovanni Tommaso Big Band.

Renato also performed at numerous Jazz festivals in England:

2013 Swanage Festival

2009 – Swanage Jazz Festival
2007 – Swanage Jazz Festival
2007 – Marlborough Festival
2007 – Ripon Festival
2004 – Harrogate Jazz Festival and Hayne Barton Jazz Festival with Claire Teal
2003 – Birmingham Festival and Swanage Jazz Festival
2002 – Brecon Festival, East Coast Festival (Norwich) and Teignmouth (Devon)
2001 – Weymouth, Swanage and Hawick (Scotland)
2000 – Appleby, Cheltenam and Teignmouth Festivals


2014- Ballads  with Nicola Muresu, Bruno Montrone 33 Jazz UK 

2013-  Between Two Worlds (brazilian jazz) iTunes and Amazon download
2010- Recorded on the latest CD of Antiguan stellar guitarist Roland Prince at Steve Jackson’s studio in Antigua
2007 – Sintetico, as leader, released by 33JAZZ 151 (UK)
2005 – More questions than answers, Louise Gibbs for 33JAZZ (UK)
2005 – The Invisible session for Schema records (Italy)
2003 – Sideman on Tenorama for Spotlite Records, with J.Williams
2001 – Recorded second cd Introducing for Spotlite Records, with Gary Husband, Phil Lee, M.Bassey, N. Muresu and Sebaastian de Kroom.
2000 – Recorded first cd Like Someone in Love with Phil Lee (Demo CD), Sideman on Blues on the run with Damon Brown D’Aiello appeared on several tracks and releases such as
Ohm Guru – Funk My Ass (1995)
DJ Rodriguez – World Wide Funk (1998)
Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi – Circus In C Minor (2004)
Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto – Black Sugar (2005)
The Invisible Session (Schema Records)